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7Descent is a rock band out of Tennessee, consisting of four members, Ishmael Herring (Milo) on vocals, Ed Taylor on guitar, Brian Coffee on bass, and Andrew Cremmins (A.J.) on drums. The band was born when Ed and Milo met in November of 2019 through a Craigslist ad, leading them to find the other two members of the band. They are a hard rock band with pop, soul, and hip hop influences. Each band member brings their own unique influence to the band’s sound. They have named Judas Priest as an important influence for their band as a whole, citing the band’s ability to take groundwork from previous bands and expand on it with an entirely new sound that has now influenced their generation.

While this is guitarist Ed Taylor’s first venture into the music industry, each other band member has some experience, with Brian and AJ each having played with bands before and Milo having been on a few studio albums during his time in the music industry. Finding this lineup was difficult, since steady and dedicated band members are few and far between, especially for an early project with little to no financial compensation. Since they began making music together, their songs have steadily evolved as they have grown closer together, and they really got going when Milo came onboard with his songwriting and versatility. They hope to continue growing together in the future and create a legacy of their own like their influences before them.


Ishmael Herring

Born in the shadows, during the Twilight of the Great American Empire. Ishmael Herring is an African-American music prodigy, hailing from Kansas City, Kansas. His experiences as a traveling musician have brought him a measure of success and notoriety as well. After successfully overcoming his brutal drug addiction to narcotics, Ishmael herring has defied both homelessness and mental illness. Today he stands tall as the effortlessly entertaining and towering front man of 7DESENT.


Hailing from Michigan and known as the Kwazy Asian, AJ toured the Midwest extensively “back in the day” with Asian Honky Hairspray. Playing his first show at the tender age of 12 at the Lansing Catholic Ox Roast he fell in love with performing live. During his time behind the drum kit, he’s opened for Quiet Riot, Blue Oyster Cult, Molly Hatchet, Dio, Lover Boy, and others. He even went on vacation with Ted Nugent and met Ozzy. He's played in 49 of the 50 states and is itching to play in Alaska. Moved to Nashville in 2020 and finally found the like-minded band of brothers in 7DESCENT.


Ed Taylor

Born and raised in Waldorf MD Ed was heavily influenced musically by the 80's hair bands era and has been a lifelong Judas Priest fan. While being a fan of just about everything 80's his roots definitely came from the '80s and 90's rock and metal scene.

Ed also is a huge sports junkie and is a die-hard fan of the Washington Redskins, Baltimore Orioles, and the University of Maryland Terrapins College Basketball and Football. 

After Leaving his hometown in Waldorf in 1993 Ed lived in Central Florida from 93-2007 and currently resides in Murfreesboro TN just a short 25-minute drive from the music mecca of Nashville.

Brian Coffey

Brian "BC" Coffey, comes from the Middle TN area. Lives in a small town, just outside of Nashville. He is a laid-back, easy-going guy. Playing bass is his art, and rocking the stage is what he does. Major
influences to his playing style come from the likes of Robert DeLeo, Nikki Sixx, Rachel Bolan, David
Ellefson, and Mike Starr to name a few.